„The Third Vote“ – students develop an alternative voting system

The Wahl-O-Mat in Germany is a system designed to help people identify which party represents their political interests in the best way. Inspired by that, 45 KIT students have now developed an alternative voting system which they presented at the World Forum for Democracy, Council of Europe in Strassbourg in November. The project „The Third Vote“ was brought into life in cooperation with AStA, the general students committee of KIT. Watch the video to see how „The Third Vote“ works and which intentions the makers had.



More information

Marius Amrhein, student at KIT amrhein.marius@gmx.de Tel. 0176 97816769;
Antonia Diemer, student at KIT antonia.c.diemer@gmail.com Tel. 0176 32418991;
Professor Andranik Melik-Tangyan (Tangian) andranik.tangian@gmail.com; andranik-tangian@boeckler.de Tel. 0170 9221741

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember, 2016

Geschrieben von: Tu-Mai Pham-Huu
Tu-Mai Pham-Huu ist Redakteurin am KIT. Sie hat Psychologie in Heidelberg studiert und an der Burda Journalistenschule volontiert.