KIT Students Abroad: Judith Zinsser in Israel

Judith Zinsser studies geoecology for a master’s degree at KIT and presently is in her 6th semester. For research, she spent one month in Israel. In clickKIT she speaks about her experiences.

14. August, 2017  


KIT Students abroad: Martina Marek in Silicon Valley

In 2014, KIT graduate Martina Marek completed her bachelor’s studies in electrical engineering and information technology at KIT. At Stanford University, Silicon Valley, one of the most famous and best universities of the world, she will take her master’s degree. Martina Marek spoke with Tu-Mai Pham-Huu about her experiences gained while staying there.

30. Januar, 2017   Gallery


„The Third Vote“ – students develop an alternative voting system

The Wahl-O-Mat in Germany is a system designed to help people identify which party represents their political interests in the best way. Inspired by that, 45 KIT students have now developed an alternative voting system which they presented at the World Forum for Democracy, Council of Europe in Strassbourg in November. The project „The Third Vote“ was brought into life in cooperation with AStA, the general students committee of KIT. Watch the video to see how „The Third Vote“ works and which intentions the makers had.

1. Dezember, 2016  


Fighting against Cancer: An Impulse for Young Researchers and Students

In the YIN Lecture Series at KIT, YIN (Young Investigator Network) invites high-profile researchers. In May, Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen reflected on how viruses can lead to cancer. Klaus Rümmele met him and an impressed audience.

29. August, 2016   Video